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Predicting Open Source Project Activity Based on OSS Compass Metrics
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An Information Entropy-Based Approach to Quantify Community Evolution in Open Source Developer Social Networks
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Method for Fork Diversity in Open Source Software
Predicting Open Source Project Activity Based on OSS Compass Metrics
  • Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiaolan Zu, Xingyu Luo, Zihan Wang ,Nanjing University undergraduate;Jierui Zhang, PhD candidate at Nanjing University. Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University - National Key Laboratory of Software New Technology, OSS Compass Community
  • Advisor: Liang Wang, Xianping Tao, Yehui Wang
  • Introduction: Research on the Prediction of Open Source Software Project Health Based on Metrics in the Innovation Training Program for College Students at Nanjing University in 2024. Reference article:Predicting Open Source Project Activity Based on OSS Compass Metrics
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If your research institution or community is interested in academic research or program promotion with OSS Compass, please submit your cooperation intention through the website.

The areas of cooperation include but are not limited to:

  • Open source community and software evaluation programs
  • Open source community governance and operation programs

To submit your cooperation intention, please provide information about yourself and your team, a brief description of existing research or achievements, and the areas in which you intend to conduct research collaboration with us.

OSS Compass community collaborates with academia and industry to discuss and advance open source collaboration.