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OSS Compass at OSS EU 2023


OSS EU 2023(Open Source Summit Europe 2023) is set to grandly open in Bilbao, Spain from September 19th to 21st, 2023.

Wang Yehui, LF CHAOSS Governing Board member, OSS Compass Co-Founder & TC Co-Chair, will deliver an exciting presentation to open source communities globally on "Building SaaS Services with CHAOSS Technology to Evaluate Community Health and Sustainability" with Daniel Izquierdo, LF CHAOSS Governing Board member and Bitergia CEO. This will be an insightful and inspiring presentation that you absolutely shouldn't miss if you care about the health and sustainability of open source communities!

Furthermore, following the presentation, Wang Yehui, representing the OSS Compass community, will engage in discussions with other CHAOSS Governing Board members such as Daniel Izquierdo, Dawn Foster, etc. and Zhenyu Zheng, openEuler Community Operations Manager, on how to evaluate the health of open source communities using CHAOSS metrics/models and tools like Augur, GrimoireLab, Bitergia Analytics, and OSS Compass, and how open source evaluation can bring value to communities and projects.

For detailed information about this presentation, please refer to:

Feel free to follow the live streaming of this presentation:

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