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How to Contribute

Who can contribute?

Anyone can contribute to OSS Compass Community!

What can I contribute?

We focus on two main areas: creation of metrics model of opensource community ecosystem evaluation system , and implementation of Compass service. So we warmly welcome contributions in any way in these two areas.

How can I contribute?

Metrics Model

When you have a new idea or suggestions for the existed metrics model, you can start the contribution from an issue, of course you can talk with us through slack or wechat.

  • Metrics Model Definition.
  • Metrics Model Implementation.

Compass SaaS platform

You can also work together with us in the following areas related to Compass SaaS. The contribution can start from a communication from slack or wechat.

  • Compass user experiences design and improment.
  • Compass front-end design and development.
  • Compass back-end design and development.
  • Compass infra design and maintainance.

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