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Collaboration Development Index

Use proxy metrics to evaluate how well the development process is managed and how well the community is doing with collaborative development

Community Service and Support

Community Service and Support measures the quality of services and support provided by the community as directly perceived by a developer during the contribution process.

Contributor Domain Persona

In the Domain Persona Model, we first categorize the contributions made by contributors to the community by domain or type. We strive to atomize the contribution domains more finely, matching our current engineering capabilities. However, this categorization process is an ongoing evolution, and as our engineering capabilities improve, we will be able to achieve more granular domain divisions.

Contributor Milestone Persona

Contributors may resonate with open source projects based on upstream or downstream ecological interests, personal development, etc., and engage in community contributions. They may stay in the community for a long time, gradually fade away, or even be reawakened. Based on these scenarios, we define various states of contributors in the community, forming the Milestone Persona Model. This model is inspired by a state machine, where contributors can transition between states, but they can only be in one state at a time. This ensures decoupling of behavior and is more conducive to observing contributors' actions in the community.

Contributor Role Persona

The initiation of open source projects is usually carried out by a team or an individual, initiating and establishing in their personal or organizational capacity. In the evolutionary process, new individuals or organizations are continuously brought in to make contributions. Whether they are initiators or later joiners, through establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with the community and making prominent and sustained contributions, they gain roles of community managers. This role can usually be demonstrated by performing certain management actions on code hosting platforms. We also use this type of event behaviors to identify whether contributors have a managerial role. Contributors who are not perceived to have managing behaviors are called Participants.

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